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Bye Bye Tesco Malaysia, Retailer Changes Name to Lotus’s

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Malaysian Tesco shoppers, your favourite supermarket chain has changed its name to Lotus’s Malaysia.


Well, at least that’s what scores of eagle-eyed Malaysians have spotted when out doing their grocery runs this week.



Twitter user Che Wan pointed out on the social media platform that Tesco Malaysia stores are now distributing flyers announcing the name change to Lotuss Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, sharing a picture taken at a Johor Bahru outlet.



tesco-lotuss-stores-twitter-pic.jpg Credit: Twitter

Other users have also noticed the new name displayed on their MySejahtera applications when checking into the premises, as well as the new name displayed on their shopping receipts.

tesco-malaysia-lotuss-twitter-receipt.jp Credit: Twitter
tesco-lotus-mysejahtera.jpg Credit: Twitter

Why is Tesco Malaysia changing its name?

Previously known as Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the company sold its businesses in Thailand and Malaysia to Thailand’s CP Group entities.

The Malaysia Trade Competition Commission (MTCC) approved Charoen Pokphand’s (CP) acquisition of Tesco Lotus in Malaysia in November 2020.

In fact, under the “about” section on the Tesco Malaysia Facebook page, it is stated that Lotuss Stores Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a member of the CP Group and acquired Tesco Malaysia’s business in December 2020.

Lotus’s Malaysia has now assumed the operations of all existing Tesco stores, employing over 8,600 employees across one head office, two distribution centres, and 62 stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Tesco Malaysia Facebook.
tesco-malaysia-facebook.jpg Screenshot from Tesco Malaysia Facebook

As for when we’ll see the Tesco name disappear, the Facebook page offers a clue that the rebranding exercise will be completed in 2021.

It is currently unclear whether the new name will be Tesco Lotus or Lotus’s as seen in the Thai stores. Tesco Malaysia has yet to make an official statement but TRP understands that an announcement is expected very soon.

EuPmeBiVcAQ4tT9.jpg A Lotus’s store as seen in Thailand. (Credit: Twitter)

So, it could be time to collect your favourite Tesco merchandise before it’s gone for good.

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tesco bot majority stake in lotus from cp group for usd180m in 1998 and now sell back to them for usd10.6bln.






amdk laughing all the way to the bank.


there is no synergy to this deal except a personal vendetta.




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21 hours ago, XianGe said:

Wonder huai amdk hypermarketwithdraw from Asia... 


profitability, redtapes and cultural barriers.


tiongland too competitive with the rise of taobao, bolehsia quota, cecaland redtapes, nipponland cultural barriers........


the only successful profitable foreign retailer is nipponland's aeon.

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