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MediaTek Dimensity 9300


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1 hour ago, pigpigoink said:

wa, looks sibei promising sia. finally catching up with snapdragon(or even surpassing).


and both snapdragon and mediatek ish like catch up fruit ios liao. 


this ish what competition brings moi guess :good:




I prefer cheaper durable non China phone like Sony, etc.m

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3 hours ago, The_King said:

I thought that time they have a build in ad control

All of them have what .. 


Google has its own built in, and you can reset the identifier. Most phone brands running their Android versions have it, as do the smart Android TVs .. Why else do you think they are "customising" Android for their phones - just so they can distribute a digitally signed and verified Android variant where things are changed :(  While you can use some apps or settings to kill the ads on teh phones, on the TV you are severely limited - they prolly send back the details of your ad watch behaviour and what you watching and at what time. And all of the send back all the APNs you connect to and what time you connect to. IDK if send back the wifi/APN passwords also or not :haha:

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