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senior citizen not happy with SimplyGo, cannot see fare


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No fare display with SimplyGo

I recently upgraded my senior citizen concession card to SimplyGo.

To my dismay, I now have no idea how much I am paying for my MRT and bus rides, or the remaining balance in my card.

When I tap at the MRT gates and when I get on and off the bus, the only message that is shown is “SimplyGo”. This is very frustrating, especially for seniors. 

How does this improve our ride experience?




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9 hours ago, coffeenut said:

Doesn't the fare show up in the app? 


Or want to use Simplygo app, but want features of EZ Link card? 


Moi still haven't understood why Sinkie buy 1 product then expect features of another :(

Heng I nv downgrade to tap then simplygo



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