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[Guide] How to unlock Xiaomi / Poco phone bootloader and flash custom ROM


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Disclaimer: Your Warranty is now VOID. I am not responsible for any dead/bricked device(s)


This is a general guide which should not differ too much on how to unlock Xiaomi devices and flashing recovery and custom ROM.


Hardware Needed:

  • Well charged Xiaomi / Poco phone (>70%)
  • Mi account
  • Working SIM Card that can receive SMS
  • Compatible USB-C Cable (if in doubt, use the factory supplied one)
  • Windows Computer (if in doubt, Windows 10)


Software Needed:


Enable Developer Options: Go to Settings > About Phone > keep tapping MIUI version until you see "developer mode is enabled"


Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking: Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > and toggle USB Debugging + OEM unlocking



Unlock Bootloader:

  • Extract the ADB USB Driver into a folder
  • Install ADB USB Driver by going to Windows Settings > search and open Device Manager > Click on your DESKTOP > Action > Add Legacy Hardware > select .inf file
  • image.png.1689780bf3f2c2a49f6e3de784ffec7b.pngimage.png.42d54ae1a02049ba80f6d38f0bacc80b.pngimage.png.eaba8ea24c9856f851953339f95be9fe.png
  • Reboot PC
  • Insert SIM card into phone
  • Sign in the phone to Mi Account
  • Disable Wifi and go to Developer Options > Mi Unlock Status > Add account and device
  • Open Mi Unlock Tool
  • Sign in to Mi Unlock (if normal sign in fails, use QR sign-in, and go to Xiaomi Phone > Settings > Mi Account > Scanner icon)
  • Mi Unlock tool will check whether your Mi Account has bootloader unlock permission.
  • Follow on-screen instructions: Turn off phone, press and hold Volume Down and Power button to boot into booloader mode
  • Connect the USB-C Cable
  • image.png.d6c90e50e6a1891fff12e63d4b3b4cdd.png
  • Unlock the phone and wait (obviously do not disconnect or power anything until it completes)
  • First timers may fail to unlock, and required to wait 168 hours to try again
  • image.png
  • Phone will reboot automatically and first boot takes a while


Flash New Recovery, Firmware and Custom ROM:

  • Download and extract firmware (if in doubt, always use latest Global + Stable)
  • Download and extract the SDK Platform Tools
  • Download and extract OrangeFox Recovery
  • Copy the recovery.img from Ofox folder to Platform tools folder like so:
  • image.png
  • run command prompt (type cmd on windows search icon)
  • navigate to the platform tool folder by typing "cd c:/folder/path/here
  • type fastboot boot recovery.img
  • image.png
  • turn off phone and enter fastboot mode
  • Connect the USB-C Cable to your computer
  • Orangefox will boot
  • Download the correct ROM for your phone
  • Connect the USB-C Cable to your computer
  • Power Off Tablet
  • Press and Hold Volume Up and Down buttons
  • Connect the USB-C Cable
  • Bootloader screen will appear
  • Press Volume Up button once to enter Download Mode





  • Then click START, flash will proceed (obviously do not turn off or disconnect anything until its complete)


  • Once Complete, Odin will show "PASS". and tablet will auto reboot.


  • Again with a new firmware, first boot will take a whle



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wanted poco X4 pro, it seem like OrangeFox Recovery dont have X4 pro. so my choice will be redmi note 10pro



for the Download the correct ROM for your phone. i have to select the rom on the left? i saw there support for Redmi Note 10 Pro.


there 2 build. VANILLA build and GAPPS build? 


what the different?




2nd question: just to be sure. note 10 pro is this?





3rd question: Mi Unlock tool will check whether your Mi Account has bootloader unlock permission.

this one last time you mention need to wait 30day for them to enable the unlock?



4th question:   fastboot mode and booloader mode is the same?



5th question: Download and extract firmware (if in doubt, always use latest Global + Stable)


i saw your guide like never say where to update this


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