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  1. TLDR version- 1) Reduces risk of cancer and liver disease 2) Prevents diabetes 3) Boosts short-term memory 4) Helps with weight loss 5) Protects against dementia and Alzheimers


    Ya...dunno huai....here's another
  3. Moi went SPARKS once nia, to take part karaoke competition.
  4. No moi ish notch goot person, one must notch be goot all the time, need to be evil sometimes...
  5. Responsibility of a husband, to bring home money and take care of waifu & kid, no regrets.
  6. 2 dishes 1 soup to be exact, moi eberi weekday dinner must hab soup & 1 vege, 3rd dish cld be eggs, tofu or fish.
  7. Wah...thish type SS304 material with self-tapping thread bite riaos bo gay immediately siol...
  8. Buy caipng order sausage and say chiu too full, offer huan sausage for her to hint hint......
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