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  1. No rah....CCTV probably easily captured victim running scarily....thus capture the culprit.
  2. Moi dun trust the Americans nowadays, eben for their organic foods...
  3. Yup...moi cousin oso passed away due to cardiac arrest then brain dead after 4th jab...similar to Thai princess.
  4. Fortune God can see people deposit money digitally? If can I shall deposit using iBanking.
  5. Imagine eating normal size ba chor mee for S$5 at beach road.....no aircon, sweating like pig, drink not inclusive.
  6. Meanwhile some jobs need to be fully vaccinated. https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2023/01/26/nurse-disabled-permanently-after-vaccine-injury-and-sacked-by-sgh-did-the-hospital-advise-her-to-apply-for-vifap/
  7. Looks like American home...

    $11 cai png

    Evil hawkers say meat with special gravy and eggs with special fillings will mark up the price.
  9. Moi saw thish big cloud from moi home almost eberi day....poor slumgol residents...
  10. Moi kid drank breast milk straight from neh neh pok for 2yrs plus.
  11. PAP gov increase GST 1%, stall owners and hawkers increase 10-15% becos manpower, rental and raw materials also increased.
  12. Becos now the price almost same as a smartphone.
  13. Ghost supermarket dun sexpect cream baskets rah...
  14. So the bidet for pcc or urinate?
  15. The rice rook rike some reproductive organ...
  16. So that intestines no ѕhit, no need pang sai in office smelly smelly so paiseh?
  17. Different eyes, hao to differentiate real or fake signatures?
  18. Becos PAP gov teared down alot of old hawker centres, and built newer cleaner ones to wayang, so need new hawkers to take over, they scared later became empty hawker centres.
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