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Free nasi briyani and TV sets? New eatery opens in Tampines to snaking queues


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If there is something all Singaporeans can unanimously agree on, it is that long queues are often worth checking out.

TikTok user Ahteekat had a vantage point of ABC Eating House's grand opening on Friday (Aug 5) and immediately noticed the line of excited customers snaking out of an HDB void deck to the basketball court.

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The stall is located at 201D Tampines Street 21 and to celebrate its first day of operations, it was giving away free briyani between 12pm and 3pm yesterday.



Ahteekat didn't seem surprised at the sheer number of people who turned up as Singaporeans "love free stuff".

It wasn't just free briyani, though, as ABC Eating House had another trick up its sleeve to lure potential customers on day one.

There were also five 55-inch TV sets to be won from an exclusive lucky draw.

Those lucky enough to grab themselves free briyani simply had to fill in a lucky draw slip in order to put their names in the hat for the grand prize.



060822_briyani_Tt4_0.jpg PHOTOS: Screengrabs/TikTok/Ahteekat

Ahteekat's comments section was rather light-hearted with one TikTok user cheekily commenting that they mistook ABC Eating House's queue for that of the lottery's instead.

While the freebies giveaway is done and dusted, there are still plenty of reasons for Tampines residents to head down to this 100 per cent Muslim-owned establishment.

Apart from briyani, you'll find regular supper staples like tandoori and naan, Indian rojak and mutton soup. 

Easties looking for some variety to satisfy those midnight hunger pangs can check ABC Eating House out.

Just don't expect your briyani to come with a free TV set now.

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11 hours ago, socrates469bc said:

shld give the free bryani to the needy of tampines instead of doing this senseless publicity stunt.


just shows the greedy side of pappy serfs.


smlj first world mindset, more like fourth world.


Weirding Diary: 7

cheap advertisement

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