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  1. Whenever a PAP minister enters a company, the rest will queue up to suck cock, including the males.
  2. No worries, PAP gov will create moar jiakliaobee jobs for sinkies...
  3. Rooks rike moi friend's Tampines Greencourt.
  4. SG naodays so many cheekons, just a matter of time peepur kill them for food...
  5. Yesh, gotch sell chips for cny.
  6. For chow yun fatt to jump from bowl to bowl
  7. Mongze sounds like "dreams kena tortured"
  8. Maybe customer asked for pork burger they angry.
  9. Heng moi dun ghost cinemas nao....bukit timah hill moar moobees to watch, pray on HD projector.
  10. Can be cheaper if bring own ice in a thermal pot.
  11. Walmart Canada gotch cell thish...
  12. Eben in vertical position need to tilt at certain angle huan...
  13. No reports yet? No babies born yet in Singapore?
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