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  1. Video doesn't say much about materials used.
  2. Going Bukit Timah shopping centre nao buy PC games!!!

    Rich lady

    Duck too cheap....goose shop perhaps?
  4. Thks whichever....moi pts over there shoot up from 34 to 48 in a day... realli cannoch be saved anyway.
  5. Priss help tell fellow edmwers therish no need to unban moi....moi ish happy at dark side(s)... appreciated their effort to revive moi there...peace out.
  6. Moi din even use the previous batch....endemic oredi right?
  7. Still waiting for the next Conjuring cinematic universe moobee...
  8. No rah....just focus on the moaning sound, cut the sound, loop play it on loud amplifier and fap whole day enuf...
  9. https://streamable.com/twcoh7
  10. Naodays hwz mods catching clone acc wor....
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