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  1. So many particulars of others can be scammer oredi...
  2. Huai moi so toopid pour water on moi head instead...
  3. Moar rike SERS, telling them gonna tear down goot flats and gif them sexpensive and lousy flats.
  4. Moi mother gotch huan, being passed down from generation to generation when one by one passed away...
  5. Just collect ac drain water in a super huge pail estimated to be filled by certain period of time using the aircon. And then use the fish tank pump to pump into the toilet bowl cistern tank (which the auto float valve is removed) whenever it is empty.
  6. HDB and BCA betterer cum cream, thish ish poor workmanship for sure.
  7. At least CEO doing something and notch rike others saying got nothing to hide.
  8. Pampered sinkies need time and space to hide in room cry...
  9. Meanwhile in SG, if meat add thai sauce, mark up $1.00.
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