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  1. Heng moi manage to get one ticket. Anybardy want moi to queue again moi can get tickets exclusively for mugentechers if successful of cos.
  2. So they both share the same horn for scissorsing?
  3. https://huggingface.co/spaces/damo-vilab/modelscope-text-to-video-synthesis
  4. Thish doctor know nuts about all these, just anyhow follow PAP narratives and read scripts on TV.
  5. Probably pump wrong gas...
  6. Might as well get gen set powered air-chiller container to put boxes of raw meat.
  7. So the crowd is star trek fans or star wars fans?
  8. Wow....A.I. can create unique farts now?
  9. Chiu mean they put a big canvas on the floor and they can squat down together in a row?
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