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Man Reportedly Charged S$5.80 For Kway Teow At Sengkang General Hospital, Fish Fillet aka Hashbrown Cost S$2.40


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Man Allegedly Charged Price Of Fish Fillet For Hashbrown At Sengkang General Hospital

A man reportedly had to pay the price of a fish fillet for a hashbrown at a food court in Sengkang General Hospital (SKGH).

He had gotten the hashbrown as a side to his kway teow, along with some vegetables.

In total, he paid S$5.80 for his meal — with the hashbrown costing nearly half the price.

Unhappy with the apparent overcharge, the man wrote in to MS News to share his experience.

Man allegedly paid S$2.40 for hashbrown at Sengkang General Hospital food court

On Friday (3 Nov), the man visited Koufu at Sengkang General Hospital.


Source: Google Maps

There, he purchased a serving of kway teow, a serving of vegetables, and one hashbrown from the Nasi Padang stall.

To his shock, the stall charged him S$2.40 just for the hashbrown. In total, his meal came up to S$5.80.

Calling the price “extremely ridiculous”, the man added that the stall had charged him the price of a fish fillet instead of the hashbrown he ordered.

In the image he provided, there was what appears to be a serving of stir-fried greens with carrots on top of some fried kway teow.

sengkang hashbrown fish fillet

Image courtesy of MS News reader

There was also some chilli on the side.

Notably, there was a single hashbrown nestling on top of his carbs.

While it could be possible for someone to mistake it for a fish fillet due to its shape, the chunks of potato peeking out along the surface are a dead giveaway as to the food item.

Meal cost S$5.80 in total

The man also provided a receipt of his purchase, which he made at 7.35pm.

sengkang hashbrown fish fillet

Image courtesy of MS News Reader.

For his meal, the receipt provided the following itemised prices:

  • Kway Teow — S$1.50
  • Vegetables — S$1.90
  • Fish Fillet — S$2.40

The hashbrown the man got is seemingly nowhere on the receipt, even though it cost the man almost half the total price.

MS News has reached out to Koufu for comment, and we will update the article when they respond.

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