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'Even BreadTalk nicer': Passenger unhappy with 'bread wrapped in plastic' in SIA in-flight meal


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While flying to Dubai on Singapore Airlines (SIA), a woman was sorely disappointed by her breakfast.

The passenger aired her grievances in a TikTok video last Sunday (May 28), sharing a photo of her meal, which consisted of two buns and a cup of yogurt. 

"See what they served on the SQ flight," the woman wrote, adding that she did not bother to wake up for the meal. 

"I think even BreadTalk nicer [sic]... This is so terrible? Just a bread wrapped in plastic," she said.

The passenger then suggested a link between in-flight meals and the airlines' recent record profit, asking: "Is this how they can afford to give [their staff] eight months bonus?" 



Seeing the picture of her breakfast, some netizens said that they were disappointed by the drop in the airline's standards. 

Conversely, others felt that the passenger was being nitpicky, and pointed out that SIA serves one full meal and a "simpler" meal on such flights.

300523_tiktok%20comments.jpg PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok 

A quick check by AsiaOne shows that for flights to Dubai, besides a hot meal, bread and yogurt are served as refreshments on board.

AsiaOne has contacted the passenger and SIA for more information. 

In recent months, some economy class passengers have voiced their unhappiness with the quality of SIA's in-flight meals.

In April, Reddit user Throwawayaway539 shared a photo of his meal on a flight to Seoul — rice, greens, mushrooms, and what looked like some meat — and questioned if the quality of the food had been "downgraded"

"No fruits, no cake. Just a soggy mess served in a cheap plastic container and a dry bun," he wrote. 

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