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  1. Consperm gotch nest up dare...
  2. Potential fire hazard.....betterer get fire extinguishers and smoke detectors standby.
  3. SG doctors mostly follow SG gov narratives....meaning 读死书 huan...
  4. Built so many LED display outside dunno got maintenance anot...
  5. KNN these greedy motherfuckers still dunno huat ish the porbem...
  6. Used to eat during lunch time while working part-time in Balestier during the 90s...
  7. Get Android box betterer with Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, HBO+...etc all the ripped movies & dramas.
  8. Moi no word "booster" in moi dictionary...moi only 2X Sinopharm.
  9. CNY fall on sat & sun is realli cheebye.
  10. Heng moi 4-rm flat reno cost SGD10K nia....nobardy wanna run road with 10K...
  11. Usually home owners dun measure thickness of pipe and assume contractors are honest.
  12. Post pandemic producing many many sick peepur...
  13. So male elderly can chop kkj, old oredi cannot pump.
  14. Sweating is to detox....so probably her body full of toxic cannot purge out.
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