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  1. Her sister ish lao auntie of cos no freel rah!
  2. Just realized I got make her gif before...
  3. Her IG... https://www.instagram.com/rainkywai/
  4. She ish notch famous type, but recent TVB drama gotch ger...alway wear sexy clothes...
  5. Notch simpur....she criticised China shows before her death.
  6. Huai chiu all so hasty....first thing first must rike thish...must let her relac first....
  7. Moi using company doctor, no need all these fucking shits.
  8. Rast time the people enjoyed free plastic bags for trash, nao PAP gov took away thish privilege, nao people had to order online for tons of trash bags.
  9. Sum tiong stoodent living or working dare?
  10. Just make sure the kitchen tap install a stop valve before the tap so that no need to turn off main valve outside riser when changing faulty tap.
  11. Moi know he loves hish waifu BERI BERI much de....on their wedding day he cried, felt BERI fortunate to marry Evelyn.
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