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  1. That wood one hit on the head can kill oso...
  2. Moi will watch moobees in cinema oni if the moobees gotch engrish subtitles.
  3. He shld build a gigantic set plant it in the middle of earth to make mozzie extinct.
  4. She squat down pangsai for chiu kym?
  5. Now moi got second thoughts on Japanese being hygienic.
  6. On second thoughts, she rooks sibeh chao lao tbh...
  7. Nope, as usual wif soup and eggs.
  8. Worst ish moi saw hair sticked to the windows with dried hair cream.
  9. Hoo ghost to the theaters ani way....can jus wait for Bukit Timah....
  10. Moi almost 1.5 yrs neber get sick since tio Covid in 2022 July, and neber wear mask to work and crowded places like MRT for almost a year since mask rule lifted. So moi can say the the deadly virus ish nong gone.... Edit: ...and guess what, I am only jabbed 2X Sinopharm. Above ish moi whole truth and nutting but the truth.
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