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E-bike rider rams into child at pedestrian crossing near Fort Canning, gets whacked by woman


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Flouting traffic rules, an e-bike rider was caught crashing into a child who was crossing the road, causing the boy to fall over. 

Dashcam footage of the accident was posted on SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page on Wednesday (Sept 27). The incident allegedly happened at the traffic junction of Coleman Street and Hill Street on Sept 19 at around 7.30pm.

In the video, the green man at the pedestrian crossing is flashing as the young boy crosses the road alongside two adults.

He appears to drop something and turns to pick the item up, only to be rammed by the e-bike rider within seconds. The impact of the collision causes the boy to fall and roll over backwards.

A woman and a man immediately turn to check on the child, as the woman starts hitting the rider. She agitatedly points to the green man signal, appearing to berate the rider for not giving way to pedestrians.

Fortunately, the child did not appear to suffer any serious injury following the collision.

He is seen getting up from the ground quickly while clutching his head as the man checks on him. The boy then bends down to retrieve the items he had dropped. 

Towards the end of the video, the rider is shown moving off from the junction and going on his way.

Netizens have flooded the comments section criticising the rider for not adhering to traffic regulations.

Some demanded a ban on e-bikes, with one commenter even calling for a ban on bicycles. Wrote the Facebook user: "It's time to ban all bicycles, regardless of electric or not."

Pointing out that the rider simply got away after breaking the traffic rules, another user commented: "If they can get away with it so easily, this kind of accident will occur more and more [sic]."

AsiaOne understands that a police report on the accident has not been lodged. 

Deliveroo rider on e-bike crashes into elderly man

A similar incident had happened on Aug 29, at the junction between Eunos Avenue 5 and Paya Lebar Road, after a Deliveroo rider on an e-bike crashed into an elderly man on a bicycle.

The elderly man sustained several injuries from the accident — a broken fourth finger, gashes on his left forearm, and a twisted left ankle — and has had to rely on a walking stick since. 

Responding to AsiaOne's queries on the accident, a spokesperson from food delivery company Deliveroo said in a statement that the company takes a "zero tolerance approach on rider misbehaviour and will take this extremely seriously". 

Deliveroo had said that it would cooperate with the authorities' investigation and would take action against the rider if necessary.

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7 hours ago, Coffee_O said:

fucker e-bike deserved to be whack. knn redlight also bo chup and just ride across. 

worse if they flout traffic rules but when car bang them also car salah.


They see me they siam one, not i siam.


Those too near me my elbow will be pointed near my side to protect me


Those that hit my elbow usually is hard bang and so far I nv fall down yet

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