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Zhao Ji Claypot Rice,Chinatown Food Ct to close


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Another of our old branding hawker being FORCE to retire. I myself respect claypot rice auntie alot! She reach stall about the same time as me as we often meet at carpark and when I closed stall she is still working. Most of the time ALONE! I empathise the word ALONE! Why alone? Manpower issue is just forcing more of our hawkers out of the door! While govt agencies is focusing on digitisation and technology but for the time now does it really help hawker to get through manpower issue? Does Singaporean or PR really want to be a hawker stall assistant?
When auntie told me she is retiring. The moment she mentioned she want to quit I already know why. As the health of our aging hawkers worry me most, the 1st thing I ask her is if her health is OK? She told me yes she is fine and very strong. She told me that she just can't get stall assistant, Singaporean very hard to employed and mostly having the boss attitude and they said quit easily.
I'm not surprised to see more of our really good and heritage branding going into history. How much effort does we really put in to sustained our unesco status? We ask and we wonder. Just wonder.
Friends who is a fan of this claypot rice, last chance for you to taste it TOMORROW before it goes into history. I'm sure Mark Weins will be upset too as he featured her just few months ago. 🙏
Zhao Ji Claypot Rice
Blk 335, Smith Street #02-53 Chinatown Complex (050335)
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