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Woman, 61, killed in Ang Mo Kio after she was hit by several vehicles including a bus & taxi

Huat Zai

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A 61-year-old woman was killed in Ang Mo Kio after she was hit by a Tower Transit bus and a Trans-Cab taxi, which were among several vehicles believed to have been involved in the accident.





The accident, which happened at about 10.25pm on June 20 along Ang Mo Kio Street 21, was initially described by the police as involving a pedestrian and a taxi.

Investigations subsequently revealed that multiple vehicles were involved.

Police said the vehicle that collided with the woman first has not been established.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene by a Singapore Civil Defence Force paramedic.


Dragged a distance


Shin Min Daily News reported that the victim was hit and dragged a distance.

The police tent covering her body was about 20m away from a pool of blood.


What could have happened


The taxi is believed to have collided with the woman, The Straits Times reported.

The driver made a U-turn after travelling a distance when he realised he had hit someone.

The cabby appeared distressed.

His family members had to calm him down after they were called down to the scene.

Investigators later tracked down the other drivers.





Only cabby remained at the scene


A 53-year-old male bus driver was arrested for careless driving causing death, police said on June 22.

The bus driver was arrested at another location.

Only the Trans-Cab driver remained at the accident site, even though several vehicles were involved, ST reported.

The 67-year-old male cabby and a 58-year-old man driving a private car are assisting in police investigations.

A Tower Transit spokesman confirmed a bus plying the bus service 169 route was involved in the accident, according to ST.

Tower Transit said it has reached out to the victim's family and offered assistance, while its bus captain has been suspended and is assisting with the police investigation, CNA reported.



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