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Genting property demands YouTubers stop faking videos & labelling it as 'Asia's scariest hotel'

Huat Zai

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For decades, Genting Highlands hotel and apartment complex Amber Court has had a reputation for being haunted.





Fables relating to the property have circulated and grown over the years, so much so they have taken a life of their own.

At a press conference on June 22, its management committee came forward to push back against these rumours and threatened to take legal action against these claims.


"None of us has ever seen a ghost"


The committee chairman said they are within their legal rights to take action against those who make up supernatural happenings in Amber Court to play up the rumours, reported Oriental Daily.

This group being targeted to stand down on their tall tales includes feng shui masters, internet celebrities, netizens and YouTubers.

"Their allegations are baseless. None of us has ever seen a ghost let alone been disturbed by supernatural activity at the apartment," said the chairman, according to The Star.

He emphasised that this is a serious matter and some visitors have trespassed into the residents' homes in the middle of the night while filming.

The actions of these people who have "nothing better to do" is "very unacceptable", he said.


Stop spreading false information


The chairman suggested that those who spread rumours are doing it for their own benefit to chase clout and warned them to stop spreading false information about the building, or risk legal action.

During the press conference, the committee played videos from their phones to show reporters how content creators would add fake crying sounds and use actors in their ghost hunting videos.

They also held up screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation where one such video was shared. The video has since been taken down from YouTube.


Screenshot-2022-06-23-at-3.40.36-PM.png Screenshot from Oriental Daily.






Claims of hauntings impact property prices


The committee members added that these activities harm the reputation of the building, which was "unfair" to the owners.

Former chairman of the committee Nicholas Song shared that this entire affair has devalued the property and caused residents to suffer significant financial losses, reported The Star.

Song said:


"While it costs at least RM1,000 (S$317) per square feet at other properties around Genting Highlands, the Amber Court property is currently only valued at around RM250 (S$79) per square feet.


He also said over RM1.4 million has been spent to spruce up the appearance of the apartment and upgrade the lifts, but these visitors bring a "bad name" to the apartment.

The current chairman added that Amber Court is now the lowest priced property in Genting, reported the China Press.

The committee announced several rebranding efforts and renovation plans to be rolled out in the near future, such as installing CCTVs and cleaning the premises.

Most owners have also agreed to change the name of the building to rid itself of the reputation.


Residents protest and make police report


Over 100 residents of the Amber Court apartments gathered outside the building to protest against these unwelcome human guests on June 18, according to The Star.

They held signs which read: "Condemn unscrupulous YouTuber", "The ghost story is groundless" and "Return peace to our homes".


Screenshot-2022-06-23-at-2.28.49-PM.png Screenshot from China Press.


Some residents have apparently made police reports regarding conmen who have approached them to offer their services to "cleanse the apartment of bad spirits".

Content featuring Amber Court are still readily accessible on YouTube.







'Haunted' building


Amber Court was built in 1996 and was intended to be a resort.

Due to the Asian financial crisis in 1997, it was sold as apartment units.

The building also fell into disrepair as the hotel's developer, Villa Genting Development, liquidated in 2000.

Once, the towering and dilapidated building developed bright-red mould or algae on its exterior, a result of the humid climate Genting Highlands.

The building starting gaining recognition for its creepy appearance and attracted thrill-seeking ghost hunters and explorers.

Malaysian horror film "Haunted Hotel" was also filmed in the building in 2017.


Screenshot-2022-06-23-at-3.25.41-PM-e165 Image by Allan H/Google Maps.


Since then, the building has undergone several improvements, renovations and paint jobs.



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