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Harris sit bas n jiak ATB/cai png journeys


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15 hours ago, socrates469bc said:


kgk xdd really degenerate becos no atbpgd to jiak.


she is quite moonface.


nan dao kgk xdd is a closet moonface lover?????



He say this zeh zeh over here is borderline moonface

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Shalala lala la la ~ 🌠

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6 hours ago, HarrisY said:

So boring leh, not kinky enuff wahaha

@Homelander  or  @socrates469bc can try?

Kind zz want to help rehab stressed out xdd…she try her hypnosis method to free xdd mind from earthly worries


Xdd caught in a trance and become liberated…Zz feeling the urge to do something, hypnotized xdd to jiak her pgd…zz jin song, xdd also improved…win win plus everyone favorite happy ending

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2 hours ago, HarrisY said:


Sit 5 min bas to nearby slum


50 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

My family fave


kimbo mm giving u big hint liao.


kgk xdd still stupid stupid dont know and still talk to @The_King kor kor.


nan dao the both of them r fellow cags?????

Edited by socrates469bc
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