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UK got ppl fix "rattle" on the Astra K

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Post by Jeffk » Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:17 am

Hi , not been on here for a long time , didn’t actually think I would keep my Astra as I hated it at first but just got used to it I suppose, anyway it developed a horrible noise when start stop operation or generally moving slowly over ground that was not totally smooth, I have been fixing cars for over 30 years and could not find the problem nor could Vauxhall main dealerships, any way I decided to pull it apart and found the cause , the offside engine mount has been worn away by daily use , although it’s only done 23k , the black part at bottom is obviously not made thick enough and started to move with every stop or start and any gear change or generally bumps , fitted a new one at cost of £37 and it’s like driving a different car , hope this helps anyone who may have similar noise , just had the second part of recall done and all good apart from the damage to the doors they have caused , big scratches which I will now have to battle to get payment for ? , have added some pics of the mouth and the clear rubbing on chassis where it sits

















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