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  1. KL city tiagong prince still good, those outside kampong condo cannot buy... Penang still steady bombibi, but the bank cannot tank so much borrow...fund
  2. aim one at penang already, but the price havent drop..need to wait for atleast 6 mths
  3. it's okie, i'm not staying inside. If its huanted or got people die inside can cheaper. I will get....
  4. Lai who want share netflix ? Lolll
  5. didn't know u like plastic bag, i prefer sheng shiong one...more thicker
  6. that...is not a reason to steal bra....
  7. Can our leong leong teach them about the no-blame policy ?
  8. If u cant be richest among the rich, be the richest among the poor....
  9. LJ Lang lai eh la DFS. Don't know is cb or lucky, year to year earn like siao then this year pull out... Then tio cb... Don't know Heng or what
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