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  1. How long can the battery last? 2-3yrs like smartphones?
  2. Yup, ish true, ghost to ADULT section to find and AV ROOM to try....priss refer to map.
  3. So can thish be installed onto toilet door? So as to monitor tenant gotch overuse water during shower anot...
  4. Any chef with heart can cook a great meal, no need to be from which famous restaurants.
  5. My MP3 Collection PW is his birth year. Need to have 4shared acc to listen.
  6. How to wire it up? inside the door?
  7. Go watch it, I watched last night, focus on the Vegeta first fight scene with Broly, that part in my opinion has the best artwork and cinematography. The rest were just story telling.

    Chiwit Thai

    You mean you don't backup your videos?

    Chiwit Thai

    Watch these video archives 50 yrs later will be awesome!
  10. Awaiting pang sai pang jio peekture, brushteeth peekture, watch tv peekture, after shower wrap towel selfie 6 packs on mirror covering face peekture etc...
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