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  1. Moi think moi too old for thish kind of plot...
  2. Aircon guy said it will be costly....meaning pin point at user's fault.
  3. Moi always been switching same as yours until water dripping from ducting. Maybe my insulation not thick enough... Before this aircon, I got my old 15-yr old Mitsubishi Starmex as well, always set 1 bar low fan eco mode, aircon duct very wet, I have to paint the whole ducting with mold guard and sealed the cover in order to prevent leaking.
  4. Recently aircon guy told me if my mitsubishi aircon fan set to quiet or low, the pipes inside will be so cold that the condensate water will be too much and wet the insulation, sometimes will drip water, also making the aircon ducts grow lots of mold. So to solve this, every time the fan must set at least 3 bars, temperature set to 25-26 degree C, eco mode.
  5. Only one died, the rest just had heart inflammation, but got chance to die. SONGBO???
  6. S’pore Influencer Kiaraakitty Selling Her Farts in a Jar for About $30 https://t.me/goodyfeedsg/8883 @ManOfTheHour
  7. No rah....CCTV probably easily captured victim running scarily....thus capture the culprit.
  8. Moi dun trust the Americans nowadays, eben for their organic foods...
  9. Lotsof post-pandemic opportunities...
  10. Yup...moi cousin oso passed away due to cardiac arrest then brain dead after 4th jab...similar to Thai princess.
  11. Fortune God can see people deposit money digitally? If can I shall deposit using iBanking.
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