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  1. PAP gov let u enjoy your last Christmas before the suffering...
  2. Dunno why he said that....that was 15 yrs ago.. ..
  3. Not sure, but I think inverter makes some difference ba....remember aircon guy told me before system 1 not recommended to use inverter, while system 2 needs.
  4. Signs of spoilage but neber say hao cum......wherish the transparancy?
  5. Kisiao ish huan thing, rock and bend for sure...
  6. Heng moi can dun travel overseas for 10 yrs or so since pandemic started.
  7. Thought PAP gov sarpork living with parents? Maybe couple bought flat but live with parents?
  8. Life is not about travelling...being with your love ones at home play board games also consider fun.
  9. Semiconductor industry always move like a wave...ups and downs.
  10. He's gay, that's huai chiu see him one person in poster...
  11. Tot TS changed new notes for CNY!
  12. PAP gov betterer cum cream wif illegal imports of uncertified batteries.
  13. Thish cringe title just leeminds moi of chiu....sorry.
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