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  1. Moi usually eat bah kwa gifted from moi rich relatives.
  2. Moi rub moi raw cheekon wif plenty of salt before rinsing it, later tap dry with paper towels.
  3. My bah chor mee this morning became $4...from $3.50.
  4. If wan big screen, dun buy TV....buy projector. Nowadays TVs dun last long...think of difficulty of removing it.
  5. If they make the rabbits with straight legs peepur will still say rabbits dun stand like that...
  6. Need more green screens to cater so many people on TV...
  7. Yah....on Valentines' Day usually men fuϲk their girlfriends and wives...songbo sinkies, LW gonna fuϲk everyone of us...
  8. Maybe stall owner hint hint consumer tonight (29) special service...$29 cheap cheap oredi.
  9. Peepur will celebrate year of rabbit thish way riaos... Bonus gif:
  10. okok....the children sure know who is Harry Potter.
  11. World leaders now rely on mRNA vaccines to survive, others human kumgungs like Lee Hsien Loong stupidity no idea just follow...of course AI smarter than these kumgungs.
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