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  1. Sinovac will be approved Songbo, sibei good news.
  2. Warlow eh. Business Park Jobs for ceca. Cleaner jobs for sinkies. Miw really die one hundred times not enough
  3. How u do the spoiler thing I forgot liao, can teach me? 😍
  4. I caught wind of the miss universe campaign yesterday and our miss universe machiam very satki so I got follow the news. And then today this turned up in my news feed and I'm like woah, zehzeh balls damn big put so controversial thing on her costume 😲 And then when I click insai I see this Nabei, what has this got to do with put tank in a mall???? Y is not local news desk write this article wtf. Turn out is because "Ms Ong was born in the Philippines to parents who are both Singaporeans. Her family moved back to Singapore after she turned 10." Knn ptiam really love to pinoy everything. 😒 But nvm it's ok, I curious about "Ms Bernadette Belle Ong wore a flaming red bikini, high boots and a long cape with the colours of Singapore's flag with the words: "Stop Asian Hate"." Found a tweet of her So you all think miss universe Singapore this costume kym? See all participants herehttps://www.missuniverse.com/vote
  5. Since the end game is to implement fine, next time really don't need to pretend like public education or comprehensive efforts to reengineer social behavior was ever part of the game plan and waste everyone's time thinking and debating about the issue. Just come out straight with the fine right from the start, super effective can bring tray return rate from 35% - 100% and the cost is immediately socialize and profit is immediately privatize. No need to debate about whether there's enough tray return facilities, or whether our cleaners are being paid reasonably to ensure appropriate staffing, no need to debate if the middleman/outsourcing model has made the ecosystem worse off than it deserves, no need to invest in all that high tech trays that refund ten cent to people who return them, no need to act like you cared about how complex the issue is. Just fine from the start to remove the problem, super easy!
  6. This fb post kenna blasted until channel 8 delete it. And then they act yige repost it as a new post so that the negative comments are gone. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4426605264024422&id=140711089280549
  7. Who this actress I lost track of th tvb female actresses liao
  8. U all chao peasant better get this into your head understand???? MIW slow mo in reacting to covid situation in other countries and continue to keep our borders open to these regions is GOT NO WRONG one!!!! Cos if we close border our economy will COLLAPSE!!! So doesn't matter how many infected case they let in, most critical and ALL IT TAKES is u all chao peasant to lapse and be irresponsible!!!! Geddit???? U all better buck up!!!
  9. I go and search the research article quoted in this video: 1 someone shared snapshots from the original article on twitter if anyone is interested. https://twitter.com/aliah0031/status/1359339565165649922?s=19 2 This is a tiong forum article posting a "summary" of the findings of the paper, which says that tiong scientists who wrote this paper thinks the behavior of the SARS virus suggests that "some countries" have engineered the virus by experimenting on natural long occuring coronavirus with a plausible aim to weaponise it. And the forum poster speculates that this country is likely Taiwan who was experimenting on US technology, because initial SARS case entered tiongland via HK and Taiwan. https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/347890903 We all know of CCP's tight control over social media and how they have strong influence over social media via a strong IB team, and their expert control over political narratives to covertly influence public perception. I do believe this forum post is the work of ccp IB to push the political message which wasn't neutral enough to go inside the research paper. So I'll wouldn't take the findings in this paper even with a truckload of salt. Although i personally still am most inclined to accept the theory that covid outbreak was a lab leak accident, but It's just funny how now after so many years a western media has "discovered" this same paper and uses it to support the theory that tiongland has been thinking and researching on coronavirus over possibilities to weaponise it.
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